Album artwork by Craig Carry - the background.

We’ve admired the work of Cork artist Craig Carry for many years. Earlier this year we commissioned him to prepare artwork for the new album. Having spent some time with the album, he’s produced great work that we’re thrilled with. In Craig’s own words;

“I was really delighted to be asked to create some artwork for Boa Morte’s very special third album, “Before There Was Air”. The artwork comprises a pair of swimmers made by paper cut-out & collage; sun and rays made by linocut and the sea/water made by lots of poured ink. I loved the title so much and what I wished to convey were the other elements (besides air) and so the majority of the composition is the sea and sun, which could be seen as representing water and fire.
The final artwork is a three colour screen print (handprinted at Cork Printmakers) and a lot of the time was spent on ensuring there were sufficient traps on the two swimmers, to ensure they could be seen as both “on” and “in” the water. The starting point for the image itself was the track “Ships Passing”, as well as trying to create a nautical themed image that could represent the album in an almost semi-abstract way.
My brother and I have been huge fans of Boa Morte since their 2012 debut “Soon it will come time to face the world outside” so it was such a huge pleasure to be asked by Cormac to do something for the cover.”

Craig WIP 1.jpg
Criag WIP 4.jpg
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"Before There Was Air" - progress update


Boa Morte sign to Gare Du Nord Records